Thursday, April 26, 2012

Windfreak Spots from r/surfing users (mainly)

The following spots have been added, if you have any problems such as missing wave data, don't hesitate to drop me an email
  • Australia, Snapper Rocks
  • Canada, Comox (BC)
  • Italy, Campione del Garda
  • Qatar, Alkaser
  • South Africa , The Hoek
  • Spain, Playa Caranza
  • United States, Bob Hall Pier (TX)
  • United States, Brigantine Jetty (NJ)
  • United States, Cape Cod (MA)
  • United States, Del Mar (CA)
  • United States, El Porto (CA)
  • United States, First Beach (RI) 
  • United States, Island Beach (NJ)
  • United States, Jax Beach (FL) 
  • United States, Manasquan (NJ)
  • United States, Manhattan Beach (CA)
  • United States, Naragansett Bay (RI)
  • United States, Rio Grande River (TX)
  • United States, Santa Monica Pier (CA)
  • United States, Scripps (CA)
  • United States, Surfside Beach (TX)
  • United States, Virginia Beach (VA)
  • United States, Wrightsville Beach (NC)

Monday, April 23, 2012

More Spots, and thinking about a tide overlay

Here's something I was messing around with, would anyone be interested in a feature like this?

These spots are now available if you update your spot list:
  • Australia, Lake Moogerah
  • Chile, Valparaiso
  • Egypt, Teran
  • Germany, Laboe
  • Indonesia, Semarang
  • Lebanon, Al Mina
  • Lithuania, Dreverna
  • Netherlands, IJmuiden
  • United Kingdom, Kinlochbervie
  • United Kingdom, Thornton Reservoir
  • United Kingdom, Ullapool
  • United States, Sebastian (FL)
  • United States, St Augustine Beach (FL)
  • United States, Thorndale Beach (IL)

Friday, April 20, 2012

New Spots / Swell forecast widget (7 Day)

I've been busy over the last few days and have only just added all of the spots from the last 2 days into the database, They'll be available from midnight tomorrow.

I've pushed out a Beta of a Wave widget with a 7 day forecast to the pro version, here's a screenshot if anyone's interested:

I'm going to polish it a little more before it becomes available to all users. Let me know what you think :)

List of spots available from midnight tomorrow:

  • United Kingdom, Minnis bay
  • Portugal, Pinhal Novo
  • Bonaire, Lac Bay
  • Austria, Weiden
  • France, La Grande Cote
  • Greece, Navplion
  • Netherlands, Callantsoog
  • Netherlands, Huizen
  • Netherlands, Giethoorn
  • United States, Blackwell (OK)
  • United States, Gulf Shores (AL)
  • United States, Pike Lake (WI)
  • United States, Crystal Beach (TX)

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

More Spots

Available Now:

Available 18/04 @10pm(GMT):
Ireland ,Port
Spain,Mallorca-Sant Elm
Spain,Mallorca-Sa Rapita
Spain,Mallorca-Can Pastilla
United States,Bristol (IN)

Sunday, April 15, 2012

More Spot's added

Added these spots just now, check them out!

United Kingdom,Queen Mother Reservoir
United States,San Marcos (TX)
France,Moulin Blanc

Saturday, April 14, 2012

New Spots added

These locations were added yesterday, they are now available if you update your spot-list:

United Kingdom,Watergrove
United States,Tower One (CA)
United States,Cape Charles (VA)
United States,Cape Coral (FL)

Thanks to those that requested them!!

Friday, April 13, 2012

New Spots Added

These spots have now been added, update your spot-list if you want them....

United States,Monterey park
Bahrain, Bahrain Yacht Club
Poland, Warszawa-Okecie
Portugal, Viana do Castelo
Indonesia, SC Itenas
United Kingdom, Montrose
Portugal, Sao Joao da Caparica
United States, Marion County (MS)
United States, Lake Lahontan (NV)
United States, Spokane (WA)

European users Fix v1.5.2

It turns out that a lot of mainland Europeans were experiencing a crash on the forecast page, This has now been fixed, and if you update WindFreak to version 1.5.2, it should work. WindFreak v1.5.2

Technical details:
I parse the windStrength (String) to windStrength (float), floats don;t work with commas.

For European users the windStrength (String) would contain a ',' instead of a '.'

UK = windStrength (String) = 23.5
EU = windStrength (String) = 23,5

I've mitigated against this now by replacing commas, seems to have done the trick.

Check out the update for the fix!!


Thursday, April 12, 2012

First SpotList Update!

If you update your spot list after 5pm (UTC), these spots will be available, The next spotlist update will be available at the same time tomorrow!

United States | St Pete Beach (FL)
United States | Mt Hope Bay (MA)
United States | LGA Airport (NY)
Germany | Fahrlander See
Poland | Mietkow
Portugal | Rua Alvor
United Kingdom | Scarborough
Hungary | Petrocelli beach
Denmark | SWC
Israel | Sea of Glila
Netherlands | Roermond
Germany | Zuelpicher See
Germany | Bleibtreusee
France | Baie de la Canche
Hungary | Balatonlelle
Italy | Sottomarina
France | Les Dunes
Slovenia | Zusterna
Canada | Tracadie (NB)
Cuba | Cayo Guillermo
England | Hill Head
United Kingdom | River Blackwater
France | Granville
Ireland | Garrylucas
Greece | Lefkanti
Greece | Varkiza

EDIT: Okay, something went completely wrong with the following spots:
Hungary | Balatonmáriafürdo
Hungary | Balatonmária
Croatia | Medulin
Germany | Gluckstadt
I think the problem was due to weird characters and duplicates in the db.....
I'll get them fixed and push them out with the next batch tomorrow.