Thursday, April 12, 2012

First SpotList Update!

If you update your spot list after 5pm (UTC), these spots will be available, The next spotlist update will be available at the same time tomorrow!

United States | St Pete Beach (FL)
United States | Mt Hope Bay (MA)
United States | LGA Airport (NY)
Germany | Fahrlander See
Poland | Mietkow
Portugal | Rua Alvor
United Kingdom | Scarborough
Hungary | Petrocelli beach
Denmark | SWC
Israel | Sea of Glila
Netherlands | Roermond
Germany | Zuelpicher See
Germany | Bleibtreusee
France | Baie de la Canche
Hungary | Balatonlelle
Italy | Sottomarina
France | Les Dunes
Slovenia | Zusterna
Canada | Tracadie (NB)
Cuba | Cayo Guillermo
England | Hill Head
United Kingdom | River Blackwater
France | Granville
Ireland | Garrylucas
Greece | Lefkanti
Greece | Varkiza

EDIT: Okay, something went completely wrong with the following spots:
Hungary | Balatonmáriafürdo
Hungary | Balatonmária
Croatia | Medulin
Germany | Gluckstadt
I think the problem was due to weird characters and duplicates in the db.....
I'll get them fixed and push them out with the next batch tomorrow.


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